iTrack Micro 338 unit

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iTrack Micro 338 unit

Managing employees in the field while ensuring their safety has always been a challenge, even for large corporations. The iTrack Micro 338 unit staff tracking system provides reliable security for staff who regularly go offsite to visit clients. This tracking system is strongly recommended to provide employees and staff with enhanced protection.

Personnel monitoring is also crucial to ensure successful daily operation. The iTrack Micro 338 acts as a GPS unit which monitors where staff members are at all times. The system is highly beneficial as it allows you to see exactly where employees are and where they should be next. This can help improve the operational efficiency of your business, which translates to better customer service and money saved.

The iTrack Micro 338 helps businesses keep tabs on employee productivity as well as provide protection for all personnel. The unit also operates as a hands-free open line mobile phone so that staff members can covertly open the phone line to the monitoring centre should an emergency situation arise.

When the alarm is raised, The location of the victim can be easily identified on an electronic map so that helped can be sent immediately. Wireless handsets with duress alarms offer numerous applications for companies in different industries in the event that urgent assistance is necessary.

These systems are especially ideal for:

  • Government and public buildings
  • High-profile executives
  • Healthcare providers
  • Politicians or government officials
  • Convenience stores
  • Security companies