BP Atlas Multi Station System

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BP Atlas Multi Station System

Although BP Atlas incorporates some quite exceptional technology making it one of the most advanced systems available anywhere in the world, it offers simplicity in operation.

It is most definitely USER FRIENDLY, a fact which is borne out by our many hundreds of clients in Hospitals, Industry and Retail businesses throughout the world.

The BP Atlas  System is fully controlled by a Sever or PC and it is capable of extensive expansion. This Server is the “brains” of the system and its purpose is to control and direct the movement of carriers by the quickest route through the system. It also records events relating to the system operation.

The Server can be used to access all units individually or in combination for service purposes or analysis, remote control, test functions, automatic or manual purge program per station.


  • Stations guarantee soft arrival of carriers
  • High / Slow speed setting via station
  • RFID technology enables many functions
  • Modular system, multiple stations types available
  • Advanced air control via MSV device
  • System pre-positioning maximizes capacity
  • Maximum capacity linear and long-distance coupler
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warrant