About Us

An innovative team of experienced security experts

Benchmark Systems pride themselves on using Australian made Bosch Alarm Panels that have proven time and time again to be of a high quality and extremely reliable system for all property types, both Commercial and Residential.

We are Western Australia’s only locally based pneumatic tube company, with highly experienced technicians. Based in Perth, we have built a reputation for reliable security solutions over the course of more than two decades. Contact us for a tried and tested local company dedicated to meeting all your security needs.

We cater to both residential and commercial properties, offering:

  • Security systems and monitoring
  • Camera systems
  • Card access
  • Fire protection
  • Medical emergency response systems
  • Interactive security services.

In line with our dedication of the most innovative technology, we can connect you to your home or business through mobile devices like your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

Our team

You will be hard pressed to find a team in the security industry with the same high level of expertise. We train every company representative to ensure that they fully understand the functionality of the equipment that they deal with, and to offer you the best in dependable security advice.

Dedication to excellence

Our team at Benchmark Systems are experienced and dedicated to providing all of our Customers with a high quality product and ensuring a reliable service that you can always trust and rely on.


We stay up to date with the latest system integration trends, making sure that you get the very best in security technology.

Our commitment to you

When you engage Benchmark Systems, you can rest assured you will be met with the same standard of service, each and every time. We will always:

  • Respect your time
  • Simplify your experience
  • Offer easy-to-use self-service tools across all devices
  • Supply proactive security solutions

For a team of security experts that value what matters to you, contact us today.