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We supply the best security brands for the best security

You should never have to second guess your security – we make sure of that. Benchmark Systems is dedicated to providing security solutions that give commercial and residential properties premium protection and safety against intruders. We rely on only the best brands in the industry to make this a reality. Contact us today.

Reliable, established brands

The brands we incorporate in our security systems have proven track records of quality performance. They allow us to cover the full scope of security concerns including monitoring, camera systems, card access, fire protection, medical emergency response systems and interactive services. The host of recognisable brands at our disposal is of the highest standard, reliable and designed to cater to all your security needs.

We stay on top of the latest trends to ensure that you have access to the most innovative solutions on the market at affordable prices. Our team of experienced technicians will ensure that the quality brands we use integrate with your current systems seamlessly for peace of mind.

If you’re looking for household security systems that act as deterrents, then the IMPAQ series is considered a top choice. IMPAQ shock sensors are the ideal solution for perimeter alarm systems as they provide detection before intruder entry. Furthermore, the IMPAQ PLUS sensor incorporates a magnetic reed switch, which detects if a door or window has been opened.

Exceptional performance combined with innovative false-alarm immunity ensures the IMPAQ shock sensors can be used in virtually any interior or exterior environment. It’s amongst many of our recommended security choices.

The Quad PIR Detector is a preferred business security system that uses two individual sensors that operate like two PIRs in one. Each sensor processes signals separately, but both must be activated to cause an alarm. This increases reliability because false alarm sources such as noise spikes and small animals are ignored. Quad detectors combine an unsurpassed level of catch performance with the highest level of false-alarm immunity.

For peace of mind and a security system that protects your valuable assets, contact the experts in security.


As a leading security camera service provider, Uniview can meet your security needs in different scenarios. Our IP cameras render high-quality images even in low illumination environment. They features smart functions based on video content analytics, while minimizing bandwidth and storage. The most important business value of them is to provide excellent performance at an affordable price.


As a leading supplier in technology with countless accolades and awards, this is a brand you can depend on. We keep an extensive portfolio of Bosch security products including video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice alarm, as well as access control and management systems.


Paxton is a global brand of integrated IP access control and video intercom solutions with over 30 years’ industry experience. Paxton is well positioned to provide both the installer and the end-user with innovative access control solutions designed to create a safer business environment with simple interactive design.


Dahua Technology is a leading product and solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. They partner with leaders in respective areas to make sure their customers enjoy the latest and the best technologies. Dahua products have been widely used in retail, schools, hotels, banks, hospitals, office buildings, highways, toll gates and city traffic management. Many large scale projects have been installed with Dahua’s solutions.