Frequently asked questions.

How much does a security system cost? Having a security system can protect your valuables from burglars. But are they worth the expense?

In 2015, the average cost for installing and setting up a new in-home security system ranged from $900 to $2,800, The good news for homeowners is that Benchmark Systems have worked to help make home security more affordable.

Beyond this, research also shows compelling benefits to home security like risk mitigation and peace of mind, which can outweigh the costs for many people.

To help you decide if home security is right for you, we’ve performed a cost-benefit analysis to look at home security from all the angles.

Ways Benchmark Make Home Security More Affordable

There are two common ways that Benchmark Systems make home security more affordable. The first way is to reduce upfront costs for people who sign a contract for monthly monitoring service. This is a great option for people who want home security, but can’t afford a hefty upfront cost. Upfront costs can refer to equipment costs, installation and activation costs.

How much are you likely to lose in a burglary?

Anyone who has been burglarised knows that the trauma of the experience goes far beyond the monetary value of whatever was stolen. But if you’re interested in doing a cost-benefit analysis of investing in a security system, you should first ask yourself how much you’d have to spend to replace any stolen items.

Take some time to inventory your valuable items, along with an estimated value for each. Burglars tend to prefer items that are easy to grab and carry off, like cash, televisions, jewelry, firearms, computers and antiques.

Of course, that doesn’t account for the sentimental value of heirlooms, collectibles and other items that aren’t easily replaceable–if you can replace them at all. The cash value of that antique necklace that’s been in the family for generations is probably just a fraction of how much it’s actually worth to you. No insurance check can replace the memories attached to a keepsake like┬áthat.

How much is your peace of mind worth?

It’s important to remember that security systems provide more than just protection for your valuables and heirlooms. They can protect you and your family from intruders and home invaders just as easily as they can protect your laptop, jewelry and high-end audio system. How much you value that peace of mind is something only you can know, but in the end, you should do your best to factor this into your own personal cost-benefit analysis.